Documenting IAG's commitment to reconciliation.

Through their many company initiatives and employment policies, IAG has a strong background in supporting Indigenous Australians. Extending on their commitment, IAG set out to develop their very own Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), and to represent an important milestone for Reconciliation Australia, as the 500th organisation to launch a RAP in Australia. With IAG to become Australia’s 500th RAP accredited organization, their mission was to contribute to recognising and solving inequality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


Challenging the framework of a corporate document.

The challenge was to create a document that would speak to the importance of the milestone, whilst portraying the key information detailed in IAG’s plan. We believed this to be an opportunity to push what could have been an unimaginative corporate brochure into a showcase piece that truly represented the passion and commitment held by the IAG key stakeholders.

We did this by bringing together portraiture, art, political transcripts and some of the conversations that were had during entire process. Our intent was to create a cohesive and optimistic viewpoint built around the company values of respect and equality, whereby each was uniquely represented.


Empowering indigenous artists.

From early on we realised the document would need a fair amount of imagery to break up the content in order to make it more digestable. The aim of the reconciliation action plan is to empower the indigenous people of Australia, and with this in mind we commissioned indigenous Australian artists to create the imagery for the document. And by the way of printed tip-ins, we were able to show complete respect for the indigenous artwork by separating the artwork pieces from all forms of copy.

The artworks created were later exhibited at the launch of the RAP and then bought by IAG to display in their offices as a reminder of their commitment to the plan.