Bringing an end to cancer research.

We worked with ACRF to help reposition their brand for a more consumer focused approach. Prior to the rebrand ACRF's primary focus was business to business and had no need for a public facing brand. With the purchase of the .cancerresearch top-level domain ACRF made the decision to review their brand. 

Australian Cancer Research Foundation's unmitigated purpose is to end cancer. The new identity highlights the insight that ending cancer will effectively end Cancer Research. By delivering a brand that was lead by tone of voice we called out the end of cancer and the inturn the organisation in contextually relevant ways. To ensure the brand was not too clinical we added illustration and portrait photography.

By confronting a serious subject matter with a positive and achievable vision, the identity gives people an incredibly compelling reason to donate: That every dollar raised gets us closer to a world without cancer.


Making cancer disappear.

With a brand that focused so heavily on tone of voice we felt it necessary to develop a recognisable custom typeface that reflects ACRF’s progress towards its ultimate goal — a world without cancer. Characters of varying weights represent how some cancers are close to disappearing, while others remain all too visible.

Working with French typographer Mathieu Reguer we created a typeface that consisted of ten weights(Thin through to ultra bold) which were programmed into five weight combinations through an algorithm that randomly distributes the differently weighted characters.


Running ourselves out of business.

With the launch of the new brand our first order of delivery where a few items for a marathon fundraising event that ACRF was due to hold. Working with the client to maintain focus on the goal of putting themselves out of business we created a set of messages that were specifically tailored to the event.  The new brand gained a lot of attention and praise from the attendees but most importantly affected an increase in donations from previous years.